PLAYSTATION Gamer Masterpiece

Gamer Masterpiece was a fully integrated experience centered around a website where people could create real oil paintings. It all started when PlayStation and world-renowned painter Andreas Englund reimagined three classic masterpieces: “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” “Fury of Achilles,” and “Liberty Leading The People.” These truly customizable paintings allowed people to place themselves next to their favorite game characters. With 70 interchangeable hand-painted characters to choose from, there were over 750,000 possible unique masterpieces. Using image processing, face recognition, and custom-coded painterly effects, people seamlessly integrated themselves into their painting as the hero. After 52,561 user-generated masterpieces, the top 40 were painted and shipped to their creators. Joey Chiu, the man with the top-voted Gamer Masterpiece, saw his painting brought to life in digital banners, in a massive mural at E3 - the largest gaming conference in the world, and in his very own PlayStation commercial.